Six benefits of frozen vegetables for catering and home


Six benefits of frozen vegetables for catering and home


Frozen vegetables offer many benefits compared to the fresh ones and they are essential allies in the kitchen, both for catering and home.

Spinach, broccoli, peas and a lot more: frozen vegetables let you prepare lots of quick, nutrient and delicious recipes to satisfy every palate.

Let’s see six advantages of frozen food for catering and home cooking


  1. High quality standard guarantee

The first advantage of frozen vegetables is the guarantee of safety and quality.

First of all this is due thanks to the “cold action”: the process of freezing at very low temperature kills the harmful enzymes that are in the vegetables. Here is a guarantee of safety of the frozen product.

For packaging and freezing, frozen vegetables are to be selected according to certain quality parameters. This further enhances the quality of the frozen product. Some of the top frozen brands, such as Sword, have made this focus on the raw material one of their main strength.


  1. No risk of contamination and practicality

Frozen vegetables are practical and safe. At home you can use them without worrying about cleaning or soaking them with antibacterial products. In the restaurant, where you need to cook several different dishes for many guests, frozen vegetables prevent the handling of food. In this way the possible contamination is reduced to a minimum (think of the benefits for celiac, allergic people, etc.), while maintaining high standards of hygiene in the kitchen. In addition, frozen vegetables do not mold or deteriorate quickly: they are ready for use immediately and you don’t have to worry about checking the fridge every day!


  1. Variety of combinations

Among the advantages of frozen vegetables is the variety of recipes within which they can be combined. This allows the restaurant as at home, to have a greater choice of food, without being bound by seasonality. If a customer or guest likes a dish with vegetables out of season, it will be easy to please them in short time!

In addition, thanks to the variety of frozen vegetables, it is possible to follow a healthy and balanced diet, changing every day the side dishes to put on the table.


  1. Affordability

The price is also important for the economy of a restaurant or family. A great advantage of frozen vegetables also lies in convenience! It is often mistaken to think that frozen vegetables are more expensive than fresh ones, but this is not always the case: just consider the advantage of finding them skinless and with a net weight.


  1. Cooking convenience

A further advantage of frozen vegetables is the speed of preparation. At the restaurant the time in the kitchen is very tight and, thanks to the frozen vegetables, the chefs can cut the preparation time of many dishes by half: they are ready to use, do not need long selection, peeling and rinsing processes. The same advantage is for home cooking: for a quick dinner for example, just warm up a little oil in the pan and throw down the vegetables directly from the bag!


  1. Long storage and availability all year round

Frozen vegetables are often better than fresh ones, because from the time of harvest days may pass before the vegetables arrive in supermarkets.

For catering (but also at home) among the advantages of frozen vegetables is evident the management of the pantry: a frozen vegetable is kept for months, a fresh product if not consumed must inevitably be thrown away after a few days. In other words, compared to fresh ones, frozen vegetables can greatly reduce waste.

Families, restaurateurs and operators Ho.re.Ca. : the advantages of frozen vegetables are for everyone.

That’s why they became so indispensable.

If you are looking for frozen foods as delicious as fresh, discover the wide and selected range Sword: vegetables, fisheries, fried food, typical frozen regional dishes and many other frozen selections for large retailers, catering and home!

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