Are you aware about broccoli’s nutritional properties?


Are you aware about broccoli’s nutritional properties?


Do you know what the nutritional properties of broccoli are? And that since ancient times they were consumed to cure some ailments? Knowing what we eat helps us to maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Broccoli, frozen or fresh, like most cruciferous plants, have countless benefits. In this article we will expose the nutritional properties of this vegetable that is widely used, frozen or fresh, in cooking.


Broccoli are good for heart and veins

The nutritional properties of frozen or fresh broccoli include the high fibre content. This excellent feature helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. Vitamin C instead frees the arteries from any plaques and protects the arterial tissues against oxidative damage. In addition, the presence of sulforaphane keeps blood pressure under control, reducing the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke.


The benefits of broccoli for bones

Vitamin K is another of the nutritional properties of broccoli and it contributes to the daily intake of calcium, helping not to expel it in the urine. This vitamin is very important for the bone system as it is not produced by our body and cannot be accumulated. Taking about 100 grams of frozen or fresh broccoli provides even more vitamin k than the minimum daily requirement.


Broccoli’s benefits for eyesight

A diet rich in broccoli helps to preserve the longevity of your eyesight. The carotenoids in broccoli, such as lutein, protect the cornea from ultraviolet rays. Vitamin A and other antioxidants are also helpful for insidious diseases such as macular degeneration. Consuming frozen or fresh broccoli in adulthood therefore reduces the risk of eye disease.


Broccoli and weight control

Broccoli is an excellent choice for those who want to regulate digestive disorders and control body weight. A diet that involves the consumption of broccoli is recommended by many nutritionists: their phytonutrients balance the sugar in the blood and help to expel the waste from the gut. As a vegetable rich in fiber, broccoli cleanses the colon and help to drain liquids.


Broccoli and liver benefits

One of the benefits of frozen or fresh broccoli is their detoxifying power. The sulfur synthesized eating this vegetable helps the liver that filters the blood of the digestive tract. And they also manage to play an important role in eliminating the fats that are deposited in this organ.


Nutritional properties to support a beautiful skin

Also the skin benefits from the countless nutritional properties of broccoli. With their content of Vitamin A and E they are essential for the constitution of collagen and help to protect the skin from the damage of the pollution and the sun. In addition, the aforementioned Vitamin C gives the skin a younger and brighter look, fighting the appearance of wrinkles thanks to the natural antioxidant power.


Broccoli and cancer prevention

Among the nutritional properties of broccoli is recognized the presence of antioxidants, able to fight the toxins responsible for cellular aging: they fight free radical formation and reduce the risk of cancer. Broccoli help preserve vital organs, such as lungs and colon, thanks to the isocyanates they contain, chemical agents involved in the production of cells that inhibit the birth of tumors.


The nutritional properties of broccoli are many and introducing them into your daily diet brings countless benefits. It is a winter food, but thanks to the advantages of freezing, you can them all year round for a healthy side dish or delicious recipes!

You can then buy frozen broccoli and find them in food service and retail sizes, for every need.

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