Five benefits of frozen food


Five benefits of frozen food


Not everyone is aware of the deep-freezing benefits.

Frozen products are now indispensable in the kitchens, both in homes and restaurants, and fit perfectly with the habits of our millennium.

With increasing frequency, consumers and restaurateurs need products that are fast and easy to prepare and that can be stored for long time.

Let’s see in particular which are the benefits of frozen food:


  1. Completeness and variety of nutrition

The daily need, for an healthy diet, is based on the intake of a number of nutritive ingredients. To eat complete and different fresh foods is difficult because they are subject to seasonality. Deep-freezing has the advantage of a wide range of seasonal ingredients all year round. It is possible to prepare any dish, even with not local or seasonal products, without renouncing to freshness. No limits for your recipes.


  1. Food safety and control

Among the advantages of deep-freezing there is definitely their safety. Deep-freezing permits to store products at a temperature below -18°, fact that helps reducing the harmful presence of micro-organisms and all without altering the nutritional values and the freshness of frozen food.  The strict hygienic conditions’ law assures high maintenance standard. In addition, all information, such as ingredients used and allergens are printed on the packaging, thus increasing transparency for consumers.


  1. Quick preparation

At home as in the restaurant, the time of preparation of dishes more and more often have to meet the needs of speed. Deep-freezing products is the fastest choice not compromising tastiness. No wasting of time for washing or peeling products, since they are ready to be cooked.

For example it is possible to find the fish already squashed and in practical portions. Some packaged frozen foods are suitable for microwave cooking, others can be cooked in a pan adding simple ingredients. This is certainly one of the main advantages of freezing.


  1. Naturalness

A benefit that distinguishes frozen foods is the absence of added components or preservatives. Cold is the only conservation agent as per law requirements. Moreover, fish products can be frozen directly when caught and vegetables when just ripe. This ensures that frozen foods combine freshness with quality.


  1. Value for money

The division into portions permit the use of only the necessary quantities, reducing food waste: food service size for HO.RE.CA and retail size for small distribution and final consumer.


And you, which of these benefits of frozen food like the most?

Write it down in the comment section

See you soon with more information by Sword, frozen food as delicious as fresh.


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