Healthy diet: wellness starts from the table, even with frozen food!


Healthy diet: wellness starts from the table, even with frozen food!


We are what we eat. How many times have you heard that phrase about healthy diet?

It may seem a bit extreme, but it is undeniable that eating habits inevitably affect the health of the entire organism. In short, one thing is certain: physical well-being and health start from the table!

Poor and unbalanced diet can cause numerous ailments. But how to maintain an healthy and balanced diet? The steps to be taken are simpler than you may think. And frozen foods can help you. Let’s find out more.


Eating well? Start with good habits

We often mistakenly associate an healthy diet with be on a diet, indeed eating properly doesn’t necessarily have to do with losing weight. Eating well must become a daily habit, punctuated in comfortable and stress-free moments. Even if you don’t have much time or if you are at work, we advise you to eat your meals in a calm moment. Take all the time you need, chew slowly and regain your energy. The good habit of eating without haste helps you feel full longer and facilitates digestion. Another good habit is not to skip meals, especially breakfast.


At the table consumes more vegetables, legumes and cereals

 Vegetables of any kind should never be lacking in a good food plan. Contribute to our health by providing us with essential vitamins and minerals. Often, eating a portion of vegetables daily can be difficult for those who have the short time to spend in the kitchen: that’s why frozen vegetables are a valid alternative!

Pulses and cereals are also a must for a healthy diet:

  • Rich in fiber and protein are a valid substitute for meat.
  • They have a high satiating power.
  • The caloric ratio and fat are limited.
  • They fight anemia.
  • They contain niacin, folic acid and biotin.


Vary often the type of food

A balanced diet is also achieved by eliminating the monotony of always equal meals. The body could almost intoxicate with excessive and prolonged intake of the same identical foods, or worse, have nutritional deficiencies. Choosing foods from different food groups helps maintain optimal nutrition. And, also in this case, frozen foods are very helpful because they make all kinds of food available, in any season. Try to introduce all food groups in your meal:

  • Proteins, moderating the amount of red meat and eggs, preferring white meat or fish such as cod.
  • Good fats, such as olive oil or those of vegetable origin.
  • Dairy products, making use of yogurt and low fat cheeses.
  • Carbohydrates, preferring poorly refined or whole flours.


The frozen friends of a healthy diet

Frozen products therefore help maintain a balanced diet and are a quick solution to prepare healthy and tasty dishes. Moreover, a great advantage of frozen foods is that they keep their nutritional and organoleptic properties unchanged and, they do not need preservatives because the process of deep freezing avoids deterioration. Delicate, nutritious foods such as broccoli, spinach or fish remain unchanged when frozen. As many nutritionists claim, frozen products, with their benefits, are an ideal choice for a healthy diet of:

  • Children and older people, as they guarantee high quality and hygienic standards.
  • Who wants to lose weight, since they report exactly the number of calories per serving.
  • Vegetarians and vegans, because frozen vegetables have no seasonal constraints.
  • Intolerant or with particular allergies, having in the package very detailed labels on the ingredients.


The wellness at the table starts with the conscious choice of eating well and in a balanced way, choosing for the whole family genuine products, fresh, but also frozen.

With Sword frozen food, as delicious as fresh, and the delicious ready meals of the line Sword Gourmet Made in Italy, inspired by the typical dishes of Sicilian and regional cuisine, it becomes simple and delicious!

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