How to enhance your cocktails? Simply choosing the right ice!

How to enhance your cocktails? Simply choosing the right ice!

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, crushed or frozen, fruity or dry, cocktails have to be drunk cold!

We at Sword, always attentive to consumers’ needs, we could not but welcome into our family the frozen food product par excellence: the Ice!

have you ever tried to taste a cocktail without ice? The unlucky ones who did it already know that it has a completely different taste (which it shouldn’t have). This is because cocktails need to be mitigated by melting ice. Some will argue that even watered-down cocktails do not taste good, and this is also true. In fact for us at Sword the ice is a key ingredient of the drinks and, like for any other ingredient, it must be used the proper dosage and the right size to enhance every drink!

The size is very important indeed, using the same weight, the greater the surface in contact with the liquid the greater the energy (heat absorption) required to bring the ice from a temperature of -18 ° to its melting temperature of 0 ° . During this time the ice does not melt but cools our drink, once it reaches the temperature it will start slowly (the more ice is used, the less quickly it will melt, contrary to what we might think) to melt and enhance the taste of our drink.

For this reason Sword family is growing by offering two new products to the market operators:

Ice Cubes by Sword – Cylindrical transparent and regular cube, completely full inside, about 30 grams per cube.


Crushed Ice by Sword – Crushed ice, 2-4g flakes, it does not melt easily and prevents the fast melting in the drink.

Ice by Sword is a safe and high quality food product, produced with latest generation machinery and in compliance with the strictest principles of the H.C.C.P.

Buying Sword’s ice has many advantages over self-production, first and foremost the certainty of buying a safe, hygienically packaged and controlled edible product to avoid incurring in penalties from the authorities. A study by INGA – the Italian Institute of Food Ice – has shown that at least one out of four food market operators produces and supplies contaminated ice, to the detriment of consumers’ health. Operators who supply non-edible ice are often not aware of it, it is necessary to note that it is not enough to use clean water because bacterial contamination can also occur during handling and storage, for example using not properly sanitized equipments. Why to risk a bacterial contamination when it’s even not economically profitable?

The purchase of packaged ice allows to know in advance its exact cost so you don’t have to consider unpredictable values ​​such as electricity, water, melted ice, ice machine maintenance, sanitation etc. It is estimated that costs of self-production are twice those of industrial production.

Consumers, now more attentive and informed, notice the difference: industrially produced ice in fact tends to melt less quickly thus avoiding watering down the drink. The market of packaged edible ice in Italy is booming and it has an excellent growth potential since the current volumes are meaningless compared to the potential ones estimated by the EPIA – European Packaged Ice Association – of 50,000 tons per year.


See you soon with more news from Sword family!

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