How to clean a squid and which ones we must be choosing accordingly to the recipe?  


How to clean a squid and which ones we must be choosing accordingly to the recipe?  


Do you know how to clean squid in order to optimize cooking times and which ones we need to choose based on the recipe?

Those who love a lot cooking seafood, usually fancy those molluscs, also for their versatility: frozen or fresh squid are perfect for the preparation of delicious recipes, such as summer salads, breaded and so on. But, for a perfect result, it is important firstly choosing the right product, then cleaning it and making it ready correctly. Let’s reveal some useful tricks!


Is it better to buy frozen or fresh squid?

First of all, it’s important to get into them.The squid in fact, as well as cuttlefish for example, has a fusiform body, has a flat bone that becomes almost transparent which allows it to float, being it equipped with triangular fins.

So pay attention to these details in order not to confuse squid with cuttlefish or other cephalopods.

Regarding the choice between frozen or fresh squid, the important thing is to make sure you buy a product with high quality in it: must take fresh fish only if it still keeps a sea smell, otherwise rely on the safety of the frozen one!

The other way round to what we often think, frozen squid (like all other frozen fish products) have nothing less than the fresh ones. Indeed, if you do not know that freezing, in addition to breaking down any bacteria or microorganisms without altering the properties of food, breaks up the muscle fibers giving particular tenderness to these tasty molluscs.

In addition, the process of freezing makes the product safer and guarantees its quality. Furthermore, it’s easy to find frozen squid also in a ready-to-cook version: not bad for those who have little time at home to clean the squid; or maybe using them in a restaurant full of customers!

That’s  why the frozen version could often be the best alternative, especially if you trust frozen brands with high standards.


How to clean them?

Frozen squid can be either bought in a whole version or already cleaned and ready for being used, while definitely the fresh product requires to be cleaned.

Cleaning squid at home can be easy following few simple steps: if you have purchased frozen squids, you can wash them under running water and let them defrost for about an hour, so they can release their own liquid.

The first thing to do to clean the squid is to remove the entrails. To pull the entrails out from the body, just hold on the head and pull them out firmly through  tentacles. The next step is to remove the cloak. Under running water, you should start removing the skin, taking care not to break it. Also you must remove the beak by pressing it with fingers.

If you want to fry the squid either, we recommend you to cut them into strips and dry the pieces.

How to clean squid for a quick pan cooking? Make sure to finish with an incision, because this will allow the heat to cook the squid better and curl it.


So, which squid to choose for your recipe?

Squids are not just tasty but also very healthy: they contain high biological value proteins and minerals which are fundamentals for the body, satisfying even the most difficult people with their soft flavor.

ùHowever, since there are many species of squid, it is often difficult to choose the right one for specific recipes. Following,  some useful tips:

  • For a fast plate, we would suggest you to choose a small squid in order to speed up cooking times.
  • For a family lunch you must prefer giant squids, which are perfect for a lot of people and delicious recipes: you can even fill them in with breadcrumbs, tomatoes and other ingredients following your preferences, using the spices you wish!
  • Meanwhile, if you want to cook a soup or a mixed fried food, it is better to buy a small squid, which is easy to cook without cutting it.

Now that is clear how to clean the squid and which ones you can choose according to the recipe, all that matters is to bring to the table all their tasty flavor!

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